Well thought-out down to the very detail.

The sys­tem concept is in­her­ent to our com­plete roof­ing mem­brane programme. Ac­ces­so­ries are essential for a professional high-quality flat roof installation. Water­proof­ing has to be carried out professionally down to the very detail. Therefore, a wide variety of suitable and 

re­lia­ble components is re­quired, and e. g. for drainage or the use of coated metal sheets for flashings and trims. Furthermore, the installation of protection sheets and separation layers as well as vapour control layers sealing tapes also significantly con­tribute to the overall quality 

of the waterproofing. Our range of accessories also comprises supplementary materials like special roof paint. Within our range of products safety issues are also well addressed to, including gravel stop profiles for roofs with ballast or FDT snow guard support brackets for snow retention systems. So the choice is yours!