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A complete range of products

Roofing membranes

Polyisobutylene and PVC systems. High quality. Economical.
Choice of preference for decades. Various types available. For new construction and rehabilitation. First-class references.

tl_files/css/arrow_green.gif Rhepanol
tl_files/css/arrow_green.gif Rhenofol

Light systems

Ideal for integration of daylight into buildings. Products of transparent rigid PVC. Roof and wall light panels, light systems.
Optimal physical characteristics. High transmittance and high impact strength. Permanent.

tl_files/css/arrow_yellow.gif Light systems

Acid protection

For all industries. Protection for the environment and structures.
Impermeable barriers. Effective protection against corrosive substances and water-hazardous media. 

tl_files/css/arrow_blue.gif Acid protection