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News 2007

Customer Support in Thuringia

When it comes to waterproofing for flat-roof structures, solid experience and expertise are more in demand than ever before. After all, everyone involved in construction needs and appreciates advice from competent professionals like Maik Wetzel.

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A safe hold for lightning protectors

Various mountings for lightning conductors installed with sufficient clearance from the roof sealing are available on the market. Most of them are installed with weights without penetrating the roof sealing. For moderately sloped roofs this is absolutely adequate to ensure position stability. It becomes more difficult, however, when dealing with steeper sloped roof areas such as barrel vaults. Standard mountings will not be sufficient for a stable position.

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Rhepanol fk: Simple installation

FDT offers a fastening system for its premium-grade roofing membrane that completely eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners that perforate the membrane. The system involves the use of special fastening strips that are rolled out and mechanically fastened to the roof. The hooks on these strips catch in the layer of synthetic fleece on the underside of the Rhepanol fk membrane.

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