Excellent position, protection included!

Top performance of a flat roof is always a question of proper layer build-up. Besides the synthetic roofing membrane – whether Rhepanol or Rhenofol – the underlying or overlying layers also play an essential role. 

Our range of accessories includes several ma­te­ri­als serving this purpose. The highly tear-resistant FDT synthetic fleece, for example, can be used as a protection or separation layer, e. g. with non-standard gravel or uneven sub­strates. 

A similar effect is provided by the FDT pro­tec­tion sheet with fleece backing, which is in­stalled on top of the syn­thetic roofing mem­brane to pro­tect it from the ballast, e. g. fine gravel bed.

Protection against flying sparks and radiant heat is ensured by the FDT fire retarding layer to be applied between the roofing membrane and the polystyrene thermal insulation. This special flame-retarding glass fibre mesh is verifiab­ly rot-resistant.