Flyer Rhenolight Flyer Rhenolight

Flyer Rhenolight

Datasheet Rhenoplast drill bit Datasheet Rhenoplast drill bit

Datenblatt Rhenoplast-Bohrer

Rhenolight. The practical light panel

Rhenolight the “leaner” alternative to Rhenoplast enhances the range of light systems. The lightweight light panel made of rigid PVC is perfectly transparent with a light shade of blue. Rhenolight is light-transmissive as well as impact and weather resistant. Rhenolight light panels offer convincing safety features – hail resistant, chemical resistant and 

hardly inflammable according to building material class B1. With Rhenolight both do-it-yourselfers and professionals are offered a cost-effective entry into the light panel sector, proven FDT quality guaranteed. The light panel is available in two corrugated profiles and a trapezoidal profile.