Perfect for any job. The Rhepanol roofing membrane system

Premium for the flat roof: The 
Rhepanol roofing mem­brane system made of poly­iso­butylene (PIB) stands for highest water­proofing quality and durability. We offer you an integrated product range providing solutions for any requirement whether new build or refurbishment. Top of the list among PIB roofing membrane systems is 

Rhepanol fk, the long-term proven version with self-sealing edge and Gripfix system. Alternatively, Rhepanol fk with welding edge (Rfk SR) allows for laying with membrane over­lap. The root and rhizome resistant green roof membrane Rhepanol hg serves as a reliable basis for roof gardens. 

The brand new hot-air weldable roofing membranes Rhepanol hfk and Rhepanol hfk-sk, which, additionally, is self-adhesive, have been added to the range.

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Rhepanol fk
Rhepanol fk SR
Rhepanol hg
Rhepanol hfk
Rhepanol hfk-sk