Rhepanol fk + photovoltaics

The sunny side of the long-term reliable synthetic roofing membrane

Rhepanol fk, the roofing membrane made of polyisobutylene, also facilitates solar building. Power generating installations on roof areas have long since become a characteristic feature of urban and rural landscapes. The potential is enormous: in Germany, around 2,800 km² of roof area are available which could be utilised to cover 60 per cent of German energy demand. With Rhepanol fk, FDT offers you a long-term reliable water­proofing providing you with unlimited possibilities.


FDT roofing membrane Rhepanol fk.


A solid base, also for PV installations.

Develop your next solar building project on a solid base provided by Rhepanol fk + PV. The waterproofing membrane is the ideal match for various photovoltaic systems, e. g. supported installations.


Rhepanol fk in practice: PV-roof of the shipping company Hammer in Aachen

Long-term sunny prospects.

The verifyably longer service life of Rhepanol fk and photovoltaics gives you a measurable advantage in terms of time. This, in turn, perfectly suits the concept of sustainable power generation. Conclusion: The longevity of Rhepanol fk benefits any PV project, thus guaranteeing sustainable energy yields.