Rhepanol hfk

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EPD Rhepanol hfk

Rhepanol hfk, the roofing membrane for any application method

Rhepanol hfk is the universally applicable PIB premium roofing membrane featuring XXL membrane width and optional hot air welding.
Rhepanol hfk is the key to highly reliable water­proofing of flat roofs. The roofing membrane is suitable for any flat roof, whether mechanically fastened or bonded layer build-ups, green roofs, gravelled roofs or any other used roof. Further­more, optional hot air welding and XXL membrane width of Rhepanol hfk represent a valuable addition to the proven strengths of Rhepanol: quick and reliable installation and outstanding durability. 

The polyisobutylene- based (PIB) homogeneous synthetic roofing membrane with fleece backing is FLL certified according to DIN EN 13948 and available in widths up to 1.50 m.

Rhepanol hfk can be mechanically fastened in the membrane overlap, with the Gripfix system or as a combination of both methods on unused roofs at a slope of up to 20°. Other forms of application, for example, are bonding in stripes, where maximum possible mobility of the roofing membrane is required, loose laying and laying under green roofs. 

With Rhepanol hfk, large roof areas can be homogeneously waterproofed in a quick and very reliable manner. Combined Gripfix/seam fastening ensures prevention of peeling load on the seam connection as well as unnecessary perforation of installed mem­branes. At the same time, using 1.50 m wide mem­branes at perimeter and corner areas significantly reduces the amount of seams. All this results in lower installation costs and higher waterproofing performance.