Rhepanol hfk

CE-Data sheet CE-Data sheet

CE Datenblatt Rhepanol hfk eng

Broschure Broschure

Basisbroschure Rhepanol hfk engl

Application manual Application manual

Verlegeanleitung Rhepanol hfk engl

Technical manual Technical manual

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EPD Rhepanol hfk EPD Rhepanol hfk

EPD Rhepanol hfk

Rhepanol hfk. High fk quality and hot air weldable.

Rhepanol roofing membranes marked with an "h" can be welded with hot air. Like the new roofing membrane Rhepanol hfk. This high quality PIB waterproofing comes with a specially designed welding edge. The product also features a fleece backing as well as an extraordinary membrane width of 1.50 m. These specific features provide for both prac­tical and economic application advantages.

The use of Rhepanol hfk expedites homo­geneous waterproofing of large roof areas. At the same time, the amount of seams is significantly reduced. Due to this "h effect", application costs will decrease, while water­proofing quality will rise. Rhepanol hfk is a roofing membrane for all application methods – except for green roofs. However, for this there is Rhepanol hg.