Rhepanol hfk-sk

CE-Data sheet CE-Data sheet

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Broschure Broschure

Basisbroschure Rhepanol hfk engl

Application manual Application manual

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Technical manual Technical manual

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EPD Rhepanol hfk-sk EPD Rhepanol hfk-sk

EPD Rhepanol hfk-sk

Rhepanol hfk-sk. The practical self-adhesive membrane.

The new Rhepanol hfk-sk is part of the advanced product range of hot-air weldable PIB roofing membranes. There is one significant difference to its sister product Rhepanol hfk: Rhepanol hfk-sk is self-adhesive. The lower self-adhesive coating provides for quick and clean installation of the roofing membrane. For adhesive bonding, no open flame is required.

Put the membrane in place, remove the release film - done! Rhepanol hfk-sk is characterised by simplicity and flexibility - also as regards the substrate. The waterproofing can be bonded to unbacked EPS rigid foam boards, bituminous sheets and many other substrates. Quantitative advantage: The extreme membrane width of 1.50 m significantly reduces the amount of seams.