Debut for two new premium roofing membranes

FDT Rhepanol hfk and Rhepanol hfk-sk

Being the world's oldest synthetic roofing membrane, Rhepanol® has already reached some important mile­stones in the history of flat roof waterproofing. 75 years of experience and more than 95 millions of square metres installed worldwide speak for the long-term proven and standardised roofing membrane. Based on this exceptionally successful synthetic roofing membrane, the FDT specialists have ushered in a new era for premium PIB roofing membranes by presenting the advanced membranes Rhepanol® hfk and Rhepanol® hfk-sk.

Again, polyisobutylene (PIB) is the basis for the latest Rhepanol® membranes. It provides for the specific product properties, such as extreme flexibility at tempera­tures as low as -40 degrees Celcius, hail resistance, durability, compatibility with insulation materials and bitumen. Additionally, the premium roofing membranes according to DIN EN 13656 are resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat. For homogeneous welding with hot air, the homogeneous and fleece-backed synthetic roofing membranes are equipped with an unbacked welding edge.  
Furthermore, Rhepanol® hfk and Rhepanol® hfk-sk have an outstanding ecological profile. They are free of plasticizers, chlorine, PVC and halogen fire proofing agents. The results of a life cycle assessment according to ISO EN 14040-49, carried out by the independent institute C.A.U. GmbH, Dreieich, Gesellschaft für Consulting und Analytik im Umweltbereich, (Company for Ecological Consulting and Analytics Ltd.), show that neither the raw materials, nor the production process or the processing and long-term use of Rhepanol® roofing membranes cause any special environmental impact. Even after its useful life, the membrane can be fully recycled. Furthermore, an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) has been issued for Rhepanol® by the renowned Institute Construction and Environment (Institut Bauen und Umwelt - IBU), located in Berlin, Germany.

Rhepanol® hfk is the roofing membrane for all application methods, except for green roofs. For bonded layer build-ups, the new Rhepanol® hfk-sk is the membrane of choice. It comes with a glass/polyester fleece backing, a self-adhesive coating as well as an unbacked edge for hot air welding. After laying, the fleece backing reduces stress and strain on the whole waterproofing build-up. Additionally, it serves as an integrated fire retarding layer, thus allowing for direct adhesive bonding on unbacked EPS.

The premium roofing membranes Rhepanol® hfk and Rhepanol® hfk-sk are permanently resistant to UV radiation and are available in practical widths of 0.50 m, 1.00 m and 1.50 m. The comprehensive Rhepanol® roofing membrane system is complemented by an extensive range of accessories, comprising all the necessary preformed components for a professional execution of details, flashings and penetrations.

With the further development of the tested and proven premium Rhepanol® roofing membrane, FDT has expanded its range of independent product versions.

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