Durable and theft-proof

FDT roof sealing in copper look

"Metal thieves steal church's copper roof" - what sounds like a newspaper hoax has become a harsh reality for a Dublin parish and its Church of the Guardian Angels. While sparing the main roof of the chapel, metal thieves removed the far more easily accessible roof from an adjacent building section.

A provisional emergency waterproofing was installed immediately to provide protection against wind and weather. However, the parish was in urgent need of good advice for the necessary re-roofing. After all, refurbishing the building with standing seam copper sheets could mean presenting "fresh loot" to the pilferers directly on a silver platter. In the end, the roofer came up with the ultimate idea: Instead of installing standing seam copper sheets he recommended a high quality membrane waterproofing combined with standing seam profiles and a final coating with "real" copper paint. The advantage of this solution for the parish council was threefold: The roof covering would be theft-proof, the costs would be significantly lower than for standing seam copper sheets, and there would hardly be any difference in the outer appearance. So, refurbishment of the 120 sq.m. of roofing area with Rhepanol® fk was carried out relatively quickly. The individual synthetic roofing membranes made of high quality PIB by FDT FlachdachTechnologie GmbH & Co. KG from Mannheim, Germany, were directly bonded to the timber board cladding of the cold roof structure. Also, the existing circumferential interior trough gutter was completely lined with Rhepanol® fk. 

After applying the waterproofing membranes, the roofers installed the standing seam profiles made of the same material on the roof area according to the roof geometry. Due to their flexibility, the two-metre long grey profiles can be readily adapted to any building geometry. On the roof they can be easily cut to size or length with standard tools. Since the standing seam profile is equipped with the proven self-sealing edge, application requires no extra energy source or adhesive. A most helpful tool is the pressure roller especially designed for the profiles. It applies even pressure to the profile thus facilitating a strong adheasive bond between the standing seam profile and the synthetic roofing membrane.
Then the whole synthetic surface was coated with a special Rhepanol roof paint which is based on the same raw materials as the waterproofing membrane. It can be easily applied onto the roofing membrane becoming an integral part of the whole roof sealing. In addition to UV and weathering protective additives, highly concentrated copper particles were admixed to this special Rhepanol paint which accumulate at the surface of the membrane upon drying. Since the liquid PIB fuses with the membrane as well as sticks to the copper particles the latter permanently remain on the roof surface. Over time, the bright copper coating will turn into a warm bronze shade typical for copper roofs, sometimes even developing verdigris patina.

Catholic parish executives in the Dublin suburb of Blackrock were extremely delighted with the outcome. Even to the extent that only 12 months later they decided to have the 600 sq. m. main roof of the church refurbished in the same way. So while the parishioners of the Church of the Guardian Angels will be guarded by the angels, the high quality copper-coloured Rhepanol® waterproofing of both the main and the adjacent church roof will protect the building against wind and weather - and against further metal theft.

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