FDT hits new record

250 million square metres of synthetic roofing membranes from Mannheim

By the time the first trade fair for architecture and building materials of the year BAU took place in Munich, FDT hit a very special record. Since the first documentation in 1972 until January 2013 a total of 250 million square metres of FDT roofing membranes have been installed, which equals approximately the area of Frankfurt on the Main, Genoa or Marseille.

"For FDT this record is an outstanding milestone", said the owner Joachim Gussner. "As it is a clear indication of the long-standing tradition of our company as well as a strong commitment for the future. This magnificent record of the roofing membrane systems Rhepanol® and Rhenofol®, at the same time, highlights the enormous potential for the years to come. The exceptional start into 2013 at the trade fair BAU in Munich makes us even more committed to continue on this path of successful development."

Whereas the world's oldest synthetic roofing membrane, FDT Rhepanol®, accounts for around 40% of the installed total, the economical PVC roofing membrane Rhenofol® has a share of 60%. Thus, during the last 41 years on average around 6.1 million square metres of synthetic roofing membranes from the Mannheim flat roof specialists have been installed every year. Just for comparison: this equals the size of 854 standard FIFA football pitches. Transportation of the average annual output would require 610 trucks, whereas for the 250 million square metres 25,000 trucks would be necessary. If lined up, it would be trucks from Aachen at the Dutch border to Freiburg near the Swiss border.

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