FDT universal collar: flexible and versatile

Penetrations in the flat roof must be flashed properly. What seems relatively easy in theory, in practice, more often than not, turns out to be quite a challenge. The requirements as stipulated by the flat roof directives are clearly specified: for flat roofs with a slope of up to 15° the upper edge of the roof sealing must be at least 150 mm higher, with a slope of more than 15° at least 100 mm higher than the upper edge of the roof covering. In many cases, preformed conical details are used. However, the larger the diameter of the roof penetration, the lower the flashing height. So, all too soon, you may end up with a flashing height not meeting standards and regulations. Shrink sleeves will possibly add to the visual design, however, they will not increase the effective flashing height.

In order to provide for secure and professional flashing of Rhepanol® fk or Rhenofol® against supports, safety holders and other elements penetrating the roof, FDT has designed a preformed detail which is versatile in both height and diameter. With the FDT universal collar you can vary the flashing height from 150 mm to 300 mm without cutting the preformed detail. The adaptable diameter ranges from 14 mm to 42 mm. It goes without saying that the new preformed detail can be also utilised on existing Rhepanol® fk, Rhepanol® hg or Rhenofol® roof sealings.

A bellow above the collar socket provides for quick and reliable adaptation of the new and extremely flexible preformed detail. The upper end of the FDT universal collar is cone-shaped to be cut to the required diameter without impairing the flashing height.

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