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Installation videos for Rhepanol

Almost everywhere now, you can look how to correctly and professionally install the premium roofing membrane Rhepanol® made by FDT. A total of 12 installation videos are available at the FDT website as well as on a dedicated YouTube channel.

Thus, interested roofing professionals are provided with quick, easy and basic information on the correct handling of the premium roofing membrane from Mannheim/­Germany. Three videos deal with the installation basics for the synthetic roofing membranes Rhepanol® fk, Rhepanol® fk SR and Rhepanol® hg. For professional detail work like internal and external corners, flashing against gutters, walls, water spouts and rooflights as well as carrying out vertical butt joints, separate two-minute videos are available. Application of Rhepanol® roof paint on an existing Rhepanol® fk waterproofing is also shown in a video. Finally, the last video of this first series explains how to install the FDT rainwater outlet VarioGully.

By providing these new short clips, FDT would like to maintain its course of imparting professional information to roofing specialists via written materials, training and qualified on-site consultation. Additionally, due to the video format, all required information can be accessed via standard smartphones or tablets – for instant assistance on site.

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