EPDs to certify sustainability

Being an innovative manufacturer of synthetic roofing membranes, it goes without saying that we are permanently working on im­proving our products, while at the same time acting with due consideration of environmental issues. 

According to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of the German Institute Construction and Environment e.V. (IBU), both roofing membrane systems Rhepanol and Rhenofol, having proven their ecological per­formance, are making a vital contribution to sustainability. 

As the leading flat roof technology company, also in terms of environmental protection FDT fosters a progressive long-term policy, which is reflected in its taking part in the VinylPlus pro­gramme of the European PVC industry. Within the frame­work of VinylPlus, FDT has committed itself to promote and ensure in­creased sustain­ability in the production and use of PVC by 2020.

In general, our responsible attitude towards ecological issues has been making a difference for quite a while. As early as 1990, our premium product - the synthetic roofing membrane Rhepanol fk - was certified for its out­standing ecological profile. More than ten years later, the independent C.A.U. GmbH (Company for Ecological Consulting and Analytics Ltd) has confirmed this rating in its life cycle assessment. 

By participating in  ROOFCOLLECT, the recycling system for synthetic roofing and water­proofing membranes, FDT makes another, not less valuable contribution to sustainability. In short, the idea behind this is “a second life for synthetic materials”. In practice, we fulfil the voluntary self-commitment made to ROOFCOLLECT by providing large amounts of synthetic roofing membranes for recycling at the end of their service life.