Many little things to bring about the big picture.

By offering an extensive range of accessories we would like to turn the idea of a reliable and durable flat roof into reality. Design options range from detail works to useful and practical features to the optical refinement of roof areas. There is always an apt solution to any requirement. 

An overview:
The FDT standing seam profile works real wonders. Combined with e. g. FDT roof paint copper creating the illusion of a metal roof deck is no problem.

A particularly aesthetic appearance is provided by the stainless steel FDT gravel stop profile. Looking brilliant, it is highly functional at the same time. 

FDT paving slabs ensure treadfastness and protection of the roof sealing. They mark maintenance walkways and have a non-slipping and load distribution effect. 

As for extreme weather conditions like heavy snowfall, a snow retention system should be installed on the flat roof. The FDT snow guard support bracket will be essential in this case. Serving as the base element, it can be combined with three different varieties of Brass snow retention systems.

It goes without saying that any challenging detail work or forming must be handled professionally, and normally, experienced craftsmen always know what to do. However, FDT wants to increase handling security by providing various moulded parts to facilitate application and enhance the overall results. 

For a reliable interaction of system components with joints such as flashings with wall con­nec­tion profiles we recommend to use FDT seal­ant, which is available as an acrylate based type "A" and a synthetic rubber based type "S".