Our response to water vapour and moisture.

The plain answer to the question of how to keep a roof build-up permanently dry is to install a vapour control layer. 

We offer two different kinds: vapour control sheets with a low vapour barrier coefficient such as PE foil, or "practically vapour-proof" vapour control sheets such as aluminium compound foil. We supply both types. 

The PE foil FDT vapour control layer can be installed in non air-conditioned rooms as well as in loosely laid or mechanically fastened layer build-ups. The FDT vapour control layer Alu-gv-sk is an aluminium foil with polyester fabric reinforcement and adhesive coating. 

These sheets are preferably installed on lightweight steel decks and in mechanically fastened layer build-ups.

For the application of the vapour control sheets and the reliable fusion of individual sheets we provide the FDT connection tape, a special adhesive agent on carrier foil, and the FDT seam tape, a fibre-reinforced butyl adhesive agent.

For a waterproof application of our synthetic roofing membranes we offer double-sided self-adhesive sealing tape ensuring reliable adhesion on various substrates, e. g. concrete and coated metal sheets.